Briana Stephen

I had an epiphany today while sitting in the oncologist's office. There's so much talk and paraphernalia about finding cures for cancer. There's bitter talk about why Heavenly Father would allow such suffering. I sat there thinking to myself, No. My heart tells me it's not like that at all! ... Think of the communities and families that have come together to love, serve, and mourn with one another.

Our Father in heaven provides opportunities every day for us to keep his commandments, to follow His ultimate example of serving, loving, caring for His spirit children, our spirit brothers and sisters. I get to experience firsthand on a daily basis how beautiful the hearts of mankind really are.

Turn off the news of contentious politics, crime, and adultery for a bit. You'll find a world of compassion. PLEASE ACCEPT MY GRATITUDE to all those who uplift and show me what leading a Christ-like life is really all about. Loads and loads of LOVE!!!

-Bri, March 2010

Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Visitors :: Bateman's!!

This weekend the Bateman's took the six hour plunge to drive up to Roseville for a family visit.  Leyna couldn't wait to have a make-up party with their two little girls, Crystal and Ashlyn.  We had a wonderful time catching up with their family who has been very close with us in the cancer battle the past two years. We also appreciate all the families from Simi that sent items for Bri, including two loaves of Papa Lowe's fresh baked bread.  Score!Thursday, March 31, 2011 – Visitors, Visitors - I am at the point of embarrassing myself because my speech is slower, I am dragging my words, constantly walking into walls, dragging my feet…it’s miserable. After the Stephen party left, it was nice for us to have the company of Bishop Bateman and his family. Then April and Heather came to visit. They are always funny! They left and the following day, Margaret and Marcella drove in from Simi Valley. Wouldn’t you know it, the very day Margaret left, Serena flew in from Oklahoma. Let the fun continue!

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  1. Eric and Bri-
    We are so happy to hear that you have loved ones around you and bring you all your favorite treats. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you all.
    Steve and Mercedes Van Pelt