Briana Stephen

I had an epiphany today while sitting in the oncologist's office. There's so much talk and paraphernalia about finding cures for cancer. There's bitter talk about why Heavenly Father would allow such suffering. I sat there thinking to myself, No. My heart tells me it's not like that at all! ... Think of the communities and families that have come together to love, serve, and mourn with one another.

Our Father in heaven provides opportunities every day for us to keep his commandments, to follow His ultimate example of serving, loving, caring for His spirit children, our spirit brothers and sisters. I get to experience firsthand on a daily basis how beautiful the hearts of mankind really are.

Turn off the news of contentious politics, crime, and adultery for a bit. You'll find a world of compassion. PLEASE ACCEPT MY GRATITUDE to all those who uplift and show me what leading a Christ-like life is really all about. Loads and loads of LOVE!!!

-Bri, March 2010

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo Update

Buenos Dias Amigos,

Here we are a week later and many developments have occurred with Bri. I wanted to give a quick update on her status. First, I want to share that Bri is comfortable, well taken care of, and receiving lots of attention and love from the family. Every day this week Bri has experienced heavy declines in health that have led her to a non-responsive state. Unfortunately we are not able to communicate with her but she is in peace and we know she can feel our presence. We pray for the miracle that she'll be able to quickly and peacefully return to her Father in Heaven.

We will continue to post immediate updates on the site and are always thankful to those families and individuals who steadfastly support us in this challenging time.

Love the SixStephens


  1. Eric... Kiss her forehead for me. She's a tired girl. She must be finally ready.

  2. Eric, you and Bri and your entire families strength has been an inspiration to so many, including me. Your family is in every one of my prayers.
    We went to the temple last night and I put your names on the prayer roll.
    Love you!!

  3. Eric and clan,
    We love your family. I'm sure Bri appreciates all the kind ways that her family serves her so diligently. You have displayed once again the meaning of true love. Prayers, and more prayers are offered with each of you by name. ~marci

    Thank you for updating the blog so I can hear things straight from your heart. Who knew you'd be such a good blogger :)